Sewage Treatment Plants

If you have no mains sewage at your property, the best possible solution is a Sewage Treatment Plant. This is more advanced than a Sceptic Tank, as it has mechanical components that provide additional processes to help break down solids to produce a cleaner and more environmentally friendly effluent.


Wastewater and sewage are fed into the primary settlement tank where solids and liquids separate and the liquor flows into the biozone chamber. In the chamber, a pump aerates the waste and encourages good bacteria to digest the organic matter, breaking it down and purifying it.


As it leaves the final chamber, the effluent is typically 95% clean and ready for discharge into local watercourses, ditches or land drainage systems.


We can install any brand of treatment plant, but in particular we offer the following systems:



WPL Diamond


Specially designed for homes that have no access to wastewater mains drainage, the WPL Diamond sewage treatment range is fully compliant with all UK building regulations. Each plant is purposely sized and offers the highest-quality discreet wastewater treatment.



Premier Tech


Premier Tech Aqua has designed the Conder ASP to have a minimal visual impact on site location.

This includes a complete below ground installation and a quiet and odourless operation assisted by a compact and innovative design.





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