Premier Tech Aqua

Sewage treatment plant for residential and commercial projects



Premier Tech Aqua's Conder ASP now available in High Density Polyethylene (HOPE) is the perfect solution for residential and commercial projects where mains drainage is unavailable. The industry's system of choice for reliability, the plant serves a population range from 6 to 25 PE. It is easy to install and benefits from low installation costs.


Available in gravity and integrated pumped versions, the Conder ASP is designed to treat waste water with minimal impact on the environment. Typical applications include: single dwellings, small communities or developments, refurbishments and rural barn conversions.


Premier Tech Aqua's Conder ASP sewage treatment plant offers the following benefits:



Superior Technical Performance


The highly successful Conder ASP is designed and tested in accordance with BS EN12566-3:2005 and the British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads as well as being CE marked. The standard range plants produce an effluent quality of better than 20mg/L BOD; 30mg/L SS;20mg/L NH3





Complete below ground installation


An economical option, the Conder ASP is easy to install, typically using only a 200mm deep concrete base followed by a pea shingle or self-compacting backfill. Deeper inverts can be accommodated by means of either: a telescopic extension, offering 50-350mm adjustment, or a larger 800mm extension, that can be cut to suit on site.


Premier Tech Aqua has designed the Conder ASP to have a minimal visual impact on site location.  This includes a complete below ground installation and a quiet and odourless operation assisted by a compact and innovative design.



Low Costs


The Conder ASP offers superior technical performance at a competitive price, offering real value for your money without compromising on quality. The on-going maintenance and running costs for the Conder ASP are extremely low as well as having a better than average emptying frequency. This provides anoverall competitively priced product for the duration of its lifetime.



Quality, Adaptable Design


Premier Tech Aqua has completed thousands of Conder ASP installations across the globe and has pioneered the development of packaged sewage treatment plants. The Conder ASP consists of a HPDE structure.

The adaptable design offers the availability of an integral pumped system, deeper inverts (with supply of a standard extension kit), choice of pumped influent or effluent and is suitable for discharge to ground or watercourse (subject to relevant exemption, consent and licence).